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About us:

TrigunaMedia is an independent, internationally operating company, with its roots and headquarters in the Netherlands.

Since 2003 we have successfully been developing and selling applications in the field of advanced ECG and EEG diagnostics and biofeedback, and have become the leader in the field of Internal Coherence (heart & brain).

Our mission is to translate leading-edge insights and research in psycho-physiology and adjacent fields into products which are not only great to experience and work with, but also stimulate new ways of looking at how the body, mind and consciousness work together.

No matter the state of the technology, Internal Coherence diagnosis and biofeedback remains a personal experience. TrigunaMedia has an enduring record of contacts with, and feedback from users, resulting in products and support that meet professional expectation.

TrigunaMedia about us

"Triguna Media have taken HRV further than anyone else and are the leader in Internal Cardiac Coherence so we're really pleased that they have chosen us to provide the hardware for their ground breaking software".

Vilistus.com, United Kingdom

"My real passion is teaching others to learn to sense the space in and around us that is purely unconditioned and as we rest in it, we feel complete with no desire to change anything. It is non-local, fully satisfying, endlessly open and has a great intelligence and heart-felt quality to it. Once people experience this, I want to then offer a training to teach them how to live their lives through this open space.. Your applications are obviously looking at the ECG and EEG in a highly novel and innovative manner and is very intriguing. It seems as though what you are creating could be the vehicle through which I could train people to quiet their minds, give them greater access to their heart and help them to become less attached to their thoughts, feelings and worldly desires.."
Dr. Ken Sherman, personal counsellor and biofeedback expert, Oregon, USA